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Occasionally  I offer workshops where you can pay a fee and use my supplies  for your own use.  You can participate in  the workshop project or just be free to work on your own.  Usually I hold these workshops at Hobby Lobby so that you can go right there in the store and purchase any supplies that you might need. 

You know how it is when you are trying to do a project. There is always something you forgot, or else you are trying to make due with what you have.  "this would really look great with thin red ribbon.  I have red, but it's too fat. " or "I wish I had a card or some gift wrap to match."  In a workshop, you have the whole store at your disposal!  Plus, the next best thing, no giant mess in your living room.  No aftermath  the next day.

Workshops are typically based on a specific project and usually before a big holiday like a Mother's Day basket.  That way you can get any thing you might need and assemble it right there in the store class room. 

Watch the calendar for the next workshop, or subscribe on the "what's new" page and you will be alerted by email for Merchant Kitty events.
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