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What to Expect During the Design Process

You will be able to watch the site go up through out the design process.  Even during the rough first phases where format is non-existent and the site is being sketched out you can keep an eye on the development.  We keep all SEO off the site until the end so your customers cannot see it, but the site will be live so you can view it.  We do this so we can receive input from you.  We would like to hear from you as early in the process as possible for design ideas, color changes, content rewording etc.  Our goal is to make the site to represent YOU, so it just makes sense that you are there to oversee what is going on.

This will also help you to know how far along we are in the process and to know that your site is getting the attention you deserve.  It is kind of like driving by the location where your house is being built.  You see the foundation poured.  A little later the frame work goes up.  Oh look!  The roof is on!  Now the painters are coming in and out!  When you see the sod getting laid you know a key will be in your hand soon.  We like that anticipation!  We can hardly wait for you to see it!  In fact, we can't wait, so excuse the mess and see what's going on today!
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