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These are a few of the projects I did using the trace and paint method.  The menu boards are not chalk boards.  They are painted to look like chalk boards, but I wanted the menus to be permanent.  I also painted the little market crates to match the sign above that a friend gave me.  I used the trace and paint method for the labeling.    I have since finished my bottom cabinets so no judging! 

If there has ever been a person who liked their own hand writing, I have never seen one.  Getting that perfect writing may be a little easier than you think.  It does require a steady hand and a tiny paint brush helps, but here is an easier method to getting that professional look.

Print your lettering at exactly the size and position you want it to be.  This will only work on surfaces that can receive an impression, because you are going to lay your paper down on your surface and trace around the outside of each letter so that it leaves an impression on your surface.  A ball point pen that no longer works is perfect.  (you can use a working one too, but it may not work when your done with it.  You should be pressing pretty hard) 

Now you've got neat little wells to corral your paint to help you stay in the lines.  The only draw back is it can be difficult to see and you still have to have a steady hand.

Trace  and Paint Instructions

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