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You may have heard of social painting.  It is a combination of social drinking and painting.  People get together for wine and paint.  I do not condone alcohol, but I am all for the social aspect.  These are two of the best feel-good activities combined into one awesome event!  You get to create something beautiful, meet new people, and enjoy friends.  MK brings it to a whole new level.  Along with painting, we also offer other art techniques as well, so you can learn all kinds of new things in a Christian atmosphere.  We can gather around food or coffee, in a restaurant, or in your home.  We also have classrooms available for those projects that can get a little fumy or noisy. 

If you have a group that is looking for activities, or has a specific project to perform, I also offer custom classes.  Say you're hosting an event coming up and your committee is  needing to decorate tables.  Tell me what you have in mind and we can create those centerpieces in class.  MK is great for church activities! 

"Custom Classes Tailored for your Group"

Turn those committee meetings into fun inspiration.  Now you don't have to find that one talented person who has all the time in the world to make all your decorations.  Spread the load, share the fun, get more done, and have a more talented group to work with next time! For more on private classes click here!

Not only do you learn fun techniques that you can use over and over again, you get to take home a work of art that you made yourself.  Get together for a girls night out, or get a little motivation going to complete that gift by it's deadline.

What will it cost me?

I try to keep pricing comparable to what you would expect to pay for your art should you purchase it already made, so why not learn something new at that same time!  All art supplies will be supplied with your class fee.  You only need to bring yourself. 

How long do the classes last?

All the projects are designed to be completed in 2 hours, unless otherwise stated, to make sure you leave with a finished work. We also offer discounts if you bring your friends, so come as a group and save.

Then the next time you go to the craft store you won't have to spend 30 minutes reading the back of the bottle trying to figure out what this stuff is supposed to do!

You can keep up with new projects that are added to the class repertoire by subscribing to my what's new blog.  You can also see what's on my mind by following me on Pinterest.

To see my painting class projects that are available click here.

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