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I love pretty packaging.  I mean really which would you rather open:
And making a gift "wow" is easy and inexpensive.  So I am always looking for great packaging ideas from gift
wrap and baskets to tins and cassarole dishes.  Those pictures above are not my own but google image search
results.  Here are mine!
Here are some things that will help make those packages
extra special:

Ribbon, twine, raffia, yarn, lace, and strips of scrapbook
paper all make great packages

Find some little goodie to tie up in your bow.  I always shop
after Christmas to find cheap ornaments for gifts.  Several
years in a row I have gotten lucky and picked up some resin
ornaments for 25 cents.  Jingle bells, dollar tree ornaments,
bits of evergreen (real or not) a sprig of silk flower,
Christmas picks, a fancy cookie (see my tutorial how to
wrap your cookies like a pro).

I have a little tradition each Christmas where I decorate the
tree with handmade ornaments.  Before we pack up the gifts
and head out to see the family, I pull the ornaments off the
tree and put them around the bows on the packages.  I kill
two birds with one stone. I get to have new ornaments
every year, and after I have enjoyed them for the season I
can pass them along as gifts.  This doesn't work out if you
have to give gifts early, I know, but it works out well for
those we spend the actual holiday with.  Many of the gifts
you see in the gallery have hand made ornaments on them. 
Sadly, I have gone for many years not taking photos!  Live
and learn.

Another fun thing to do is use craft paper or butcher paper
and stamp it yourself, although I will admit it is not a quick
and easy wrap!  So save that for people you really really

One time I wrapped a gift and thought it looked a little plain
so I put a sheet of scrapbook paper under the bow. 

Burlap and muslin make great wrap too.  You can use a bit
of hot glue or secure it with safety pins.  Then the recipient
can reuse it.

Wrapping the gift is WAY more fun than the gift itself (from
the giving end)  That extra effort spent means you might
just anticipate the giving event as your recipient!

The other thing that is challenging to wrap is food.

Wrap a hot cassarole with a cute tea towel a ribbon and a
wooden spoon.

I used plastic chocolate "tins" for sugar cookies so you could
see them.  Yum!

Buy a cheap charger and lay your cookies out for display
and wrap them with cellophane.

I used small pizza boxes to put home made pies in.  If you
fold the boxes inside out you have a nice non-printed
surface that you can decorate.
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