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Kitchen Renovation

We are very limited with space and have to accommodate 7 people and the occasional friend.  This bar does the trick by freeing up space  since there are no legs and the stools can easily slide up underneath when not in use.  (Backless stools also give us another prep surface. We replaced the stools you see here.)

The bar is a 1x24 mounted with L brackets and a 1x3 header.  We routed the edge, painted it to  match the cabinets and applied the damask and logos with a freezer paper transfer.  Several coats of varnish protect the surface.
With a restaurant theme, These cabinets are not actual chalkboards, they are permanent menus of things we fix in our kitchen.  There are four cabinets: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert. This also comes in handy when we are trying to figure out what's for dinner.
I made this logo for my kitchen.  It says Charlotte's Bistro for the other cabinets.
A friend gave me the French market sign, so I painted these crates and used similar lettering styles to make produce bins which not only make putting away groceries fun because you feel like your decorating, but also solve another storage issue.
Awnings give the kitchen a bistro feel.  Someday, I am putting the logo on the awnings.  They were a colossal headache to mount.  I have to work out the bugs on that one.
This drawer piece from the scratch and dent + some old red shelves + corner iron from Hobby Lobby became this coffee station.  Bottom cabinet doors to come!  This was before I finished all the cabinetry obviously.  As you can see the red paint permanently stained the shelves
I still needed more shelf space so I built in this shelf unit on the left side of the fridge.  Soooo much easier to use new wood!
And here is my husband enjoying a cup of coffee at the new bistro table!  Just a few more touches!
And the boys having a friendly conversation.  I will have to save this for when they are older and take another photo of them sitting together like this when they are 30 and 33. 
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