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A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes getting the right picture feels like you just tore a few random pages out of a dictionary.  Yep, you got a thousand words, but not exactly the words you were looking for.  A graphic artist is able to turn your concept into art.  Look at these examples:
graphic art special designs Have artwork tailored to your idea.  Merchant Kitty
This is artwork done for one of my clients.  Her business is named after the storms that hit Oklahoma where she and her customers live.  She trains dogs for protection and behavior.  The idea is obvious, to be able to have great and terrible force at your control.  But a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here is another example.  This was a log designed for a crafter who makes and sells custom soaps.  The name of her company: Lacey's Dream.

Custom logos designed with your business in mind.  A thousand words should be enough to tell about your business,  Merchant Kitty
A graphic artist is also able to visualize your product in an enticing way to make it more marketable.  A bar of soap is, well, just a bar of soap.  Anyone can agree soap sitting in the shower just doesn't increase the perceived value of the soap like this does:
Let Merchant Kitty turn your concepts into art that works for you!
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