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Fund Raisers with Merchant Kitty

Anyone with teenagers knows what fun raising money for worthy causes can be.  Selling over priced candy bars or wrapping paper to guilty friends and relatives who wish they could look into those big, sad eyes and say "no" but can't.  The same overpriced wares to the same captive audience year after year. 

This year do something different.  Host an art class, and designate the proceeds towards your cause. 

Multiply your efforts by hosting a class for your recipients where they create the wares to sell.  Your organization can create their own unique and personal hand made items.  They can go home and make more, lowering the overhead and increasing your profits. 

Here are some ideas

Make hand-made cards with your own custom theme
Make game pennants to sell during the games
Create Christmas ornaments with the team logo
From stationary to home decor, we can find something beautiful that your team or group can craft.  Just give me a call and we can discuss what might work for your particular situation.

Why shouldn't your donors and your recipients be excited about your next fund raising event!  And you can do something new every year!
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