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You may be wondering why I take pictures of food.  Well there is a perfectly good explanation.  My
kitchen is decorated in a restaurant theme.  So I am using one of those hanging scrapbook page easels as a
menu display.  As I make things that I do on a somewhat regular basis, I take a picture to display in my
"cook book / menu" along with the recipe.  Here's why I love the easel menu idea:

The easel keeps the recipes off the counter so they don't get gooey, and they look pretty.

It gives me a personal cook book so I don't have to fish through several books to find the recipe I am after. 
I can save that for new stuff.

Because it is all digital, I can quickly print up a "grandma's Recipes Cookbook" Cuz one day these kids are
going to grow up and move out, and I will be prepared ;)

Plus if I want to "play restaurant", I can just open up to what we are having today. 

Also, there are times when you want to make a dish for a sick friend, or a pot luck or as a house warming
gift and you want it to look nice.  And it is sad to just eat all that art without first immortalizing it in
pictures.  Now I've got two reasons because I need a pic for my cook book!

So, if you are one of those who gets annoyed at Pinterest perfect homes, just remember, it only has to be
perfect in a camera lens for 1 second.  So Pinterest perfect is not so hard after all! 

Here is my menu display:
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