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How long does it take to complete a website
We like to shoot for under 3 weeks. Making sure you provide the content we ask for will help your site get up faster. If you have passwords and other accessiblilty keys that we need, that can bring the process to a stand still. We will try our best to communicate with you what we need to get you up and running quickly. Simple sites have gone up in just a few days. Complicated graphic art slows things down a bit. But you will be kept involved throughout the process.
Can I add elements to my site?
Yes, you will be provided with an a la carte sheet with pricing so you can decide if you would like to add an extra page, or a photo gallery etc. This can be done at anytime during the design process and during the tech support period.
Who owns my site once it is completed?
The hosting and domain name registration will be in your name. You will have all usernames and passwords to get into your site and accounts that are created during the process. The website files will be under your control through your hosting provider. We will not give you the design files we use in our software, but the html code is all fully accessible to you through your host's file manager. We reserve the right to use graphic art for advertising purposes, but its available for you to redistribute as you see fit other than that.
How do I make future changes to my site?
If you have purchased tech support or if your web package comes with tech support, you are able to make minor changes until the end of your term. Minor changes may include rewording, changing out a few pictures on occasion, adjustig prices. If you have constantly changing information, we may recommend something that is more accessible to you.
How long will my site be on the internet?
Unless otherwise requested, we purchase hosting for 1 year. At the end of the year, you will need to renew your hosting package. This does not mean you have to redo your whole site. Typically hosting packages run around $3 to $9 per month and get cheaper if you buy more than a year at a time. Renewing your registration is all that is required to keep your website up. At the time of your renewal, you can do this on your own. You will recieve an email from your provider, or we can help you with this free of charge.
What about DIY websites?
Merchant Kitty is all about DIY! While we have to eke out a living just like everyone else, and are happy to perform this service to do it, we encourage all do-it-yourselfers to go for it. I admit, it can get quite "techy" but its definetly do-able! I would liken it to doing taxes. Being one who used to cry literally every April 15 filling out a 1040 EZ, Turbo Tax is worth the money, but I don't hire H & R Block! Lots of ways to do it, so find the one that's right for you.
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